So your children have completed our first CHESS FOR HEROES course. They now know all the rules of chess, including castling, pawn promotion and en passant. They understand check, checkmate and stalemate. They know and understand the significance of the values of the pieces, know about different ways of attacking and defending, and appreciate the importance of superior force.

Now they have a choice. Many children will be happy to have learnt a skill and will just enjoy being able to play chess with their friends. This, of course, is absolutely fine.

But some children will want to take the game further, to continue studying chess and become serious competitive players.

There are many books which teach young children how to play the moves. There are also many books written for serious competitive players. But there is very little available to take you from one to the other.

We're currently working on a series of books for children at this level, covering different aspects of the game.

Watch this space for the latest news and updates on this project.