If you'd like to promote chess in your school and want to look beyond the traditional after-school or lunchtime chess club you've come to the right place.

If you already have a school chess club that's great. If you encourage children joining the club for the first time to take our course you'll notice a dramatic improvement in the standard of play.

Primary school chess clubs are great up to a point, but if you look at some of my articles you'll find out why they rarely produce strong players or children with a lasting interest in the game.

Ideally, schools should differentiate between children who understand how to play chess and children who don't understand how to play chess (either because they don't know all the moves or because they're only playing random moves). Children in these two categories really need to be in separate groups. You would be well advised to choose which type of club you want to run, or indeed whether you'd like to run two clubs, moving children on when they are ready. If, however, it's not possible to run two clubs, if your new members work through our CHESS FOR HEROES course they should be able to catch up with the rest of the club within a term or so.

If you're in or near the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames I'd love to visit you and put my views to you in person.
Please email me to arrange an appointment.